Led Tube Lights


The LED tube light is a sort of lightning material that is intended to offer brilliant and illuminous lighting when associated with a power supply. It has two parts a guide plate and a diffuser which cooperateto create equally distributed, wide and delicate lighting. The technology that is utilized as a part of the lighting makes switching on and off easier . There is no murmuring or interference. Aluminium is the best material for the casing, and it is additionally utilized for the back cover. The LEDs itself are normally produced using aluminium, arsenide and gallium. Some non metal are added to make free electrons and improve the semiconductor material's conductivity. These non metallic substances could decide the shade of the light, which is the reason that we can get lightning in any colour we want without the application of any filter . These lights likewise deliver white light. They are prefered for a more directional and focused flow of light. With that, they provide a satisfactory ‘quality’ of light, which is an imperative point of consideration while making a purchase. They provide a great range of efficacy as well. For instance, Higher incandescent bulbs are more efficient than the low capacity ones, hence making them a more qualitative and sustaining investment. They are quite easy to use, so the working mechanism makes them a prefernce for most of the people especially for inside the house. A vital problems that users face is with dimming. As the lights are dimmed, they drop their CCT levels and start giving off a redder light instead. Our LED tube lights give you the authority to control the lighting, without altering the overall ambiance. Hence enjoy the most out of it while being in your comfort zone. Due to the the uniue working mechaism of these lights, they help enhance every element of your room without being overwhelming.

Main Features

1. LED Sources:Single powerful LED (10W-30W) as the light source

2. Efficiency: 100lm/w

3. Work Voltage:AC(85V-265V)/(50~60Hz)DC(12~24V)

4. Power factor(PF):>0.9

5. Fixture Efficiency:>90%

6. Effective Light Angle:109 degree

7. Ra>80

8. Color temperature (CCT):2700~7000K

9. No delay start

10. Absolutely eco-friendly: no UV, IR, lead or mercury

11. Waterproof: IP65

12. Net weight:2.3kgs Materials

1. Die-casting aluminium crust

2. High intensity toughened glass cover

3. High-purity aluminum reflector

4. Single high powerful LED light source

5. High efficiency LED driver


  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Showrooms
  • Hotels,Meeting Rooms, Exhibitions, Conference Halls, Residences