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The World’s environmental state is like a Roller coaster ride which only goes up and we’re standing at the base doing nothing except a few people pulling down with ropes. Now if you don’t co-operate with them, we’re losing the fight I’m afraid.

Now what do we mean by that? In simpler words, we’re losing the war against clean and healthy environment. A few people like us have dedicated their lives to save the environment but we cannot do it alone. We need the world to go greener which we can all do together. We need to save energy, save water, save the environment.

And how do we do that? Some may ask. Here’s the good news. We are going to handle the hard work for you. All you have to do is trust us and make the right choice for your “selection of lights”.

We offer LED panel lights that are unique in their qualities. In general even all LED panel lights are long lasting, Flexible, low power consumption lights and high illumination lights. But some of these qualities tend to change with the changes in trend. However, quality comes first for us. For example, unmounted or unframed LED's are in fashion these days but we don’t follow a fashion that might make our quality suffer.

We offer Framed LED panel lights that are much stronger and easy to handle and easy to transport and easy to apply. It also increases the life spam of the light which is why we offer 3 year warranty on LED panels. That’s something you will never find in a frame less panel. So always look for quality.

We have various LED panel sizes for you to choose from according to your space i.e. 30x30cm, 60x60cm, 30x120cm, 60x120cm.

Our Panels offer minimum heat dissipation which is especially suited for warm countries/areas like the Middle East etc.

LED Panel Lights are mainly used in commercial areas where there’s always a large number of people so unless there is minimum heat dissipation, the lights really are no use.

They have high illumination with a uniform light frequency. Now that’s something very useful with that little energy consumption and a life span of over a 100,000 hours.

So we look forward to sharing our experience with you and making the world a little more green. For more information, head over to  Led Panel Lights Dubai

  • Warranty upto 5 Years
  • Largest Dealership
  • Safety Check

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