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I’m not here to lecture you- I promise! But you wanna live right? And for that you need your environment! And you can’t be selfish enough to only think about yourself, you GOTTA leave a future for your kids and grand kids!

Now, we’ve been working on that for years and now we can proudly say that we have achieved what you and your environment needs. We have made all sorts of LED lights that you might need. They’re gonna save energy, save money – win win! We bring you a variety of choices to choose from according to your needs. LED Street lights? We’ve got it covered! LED High Bay lights, Low Bay lights, Flood light, Area lights, Dust Proof lights, Explosion Proof lights, Atex Range Lights, you name it!

And it gets better, we’ve got you covered with LED SOLAR Lighting Solution and LED Solar Airfield Lighting Solutions. I mean, what else can you ask for?

So basically we cover almost all areas in LED lighting with affordable price rates and amazing qualities and not many out there have both of these to offer. And then we cover LED SOLAR lighting areas. They are environment friendly and will make you very happy. We even offer 3-5 years and in some cases 10 years of warranty so you’ve got nothing to lose. We’re looking to help you, help the world, save energy, save your money and believe me when I say, we have designed products that have all the above mentioned aspects so we do hope you will do what is better for all.

We offer LED lights under 3 Brand names which are PEB International, Dialight and Carmanah.

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  • Warranty upto 5 Years
  • Largest Dealership
  • Safety Check

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