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Led Lighting Suppliers in UAE

PEB International name is synonymous to energy savings in UAE and Pakistan. From the onset of LED lighting market, PEB international made a foray in different lighting opportunities in UAE and Pakistan viz a viz high bay, flood light and down light LED lights. As we speak, LED lighting in Pakistan and UAE is growing at the rate of 20% annually. For example, all traditional light source such as halogen, metal halides, and CFC are being converted into LED lighting. Applications include high bay LED lighting used in warehouses/factories , flood light LED, down lights used commercial and residential rooms, and industrial use in hazardous locations such as oil and gas fields.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

As everyone knows that today is the time of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings because of its some unique features i.e., it is fastest, long life, moveable etc. The beauty of this technology is you can make big span buildings like warehouse, shed for production unit etc. Pebinternational with 50 years management experience is not only design Pre-Engineered Steel Building but also supply and erect /install them in UAE and Pakistan. pebinternational has the specialty to design the Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings with Solar Systems. Due to high electricity rate pebinternational can provide Solar Systems with Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.

Metal Roof water proofing

Waterproofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your house. Waterproofing is very important as it helps keep your house dry. It helps reduce humidity inside the house and thereby protects things inside your house from damage caused due to humidity or water exposure. It is also important for the veracity of the building. Waterproofing increases your houses value, which is the biggest advantage. This system prevents unwanted moisture from seeping into your walls, thereby allowing mold to grow. Mold can impact our health in a negative way. It also prevents damage caused due to water seepage which can ruin the structural integrity of your home...

Portable Lights

Bestportablalights.com is a part of pebinternational.com.Bestportablelights.com is committed to innovative product development and providing the most efficient and cost effective range of industrial LED lighting products available. Supplying globally through international distributors, Bestportablelights.com Light focuses on portability, ease of use, safety and resilience. Bestportablelights.com patented lights are fully self-contained in a weatherproof unit and are battery powered with a built-in charging cable storage compartment

Carmanah Solar Street Lights

As one of the most trusted names in solar technology, Carmanah has earned a reputation for delivering strong and effective products for industrial applications worldwide. Industry proven to perform reliably in some of the world's harshest environments, Carmanah solar LED lights and solar power systems provide a durable, dependable and cost effective energy alternative. Carmanah is a publicly traded company, with common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "CMH (link is external)”. What We Do Carmanah specializes in self-contained solar LED lighting and solar power solutions within these markets:

Day Light System

SunShine units are leading edge High Performance Skylights (HPS), also called deep-well skylights, and are designed to use sunlight to provide cool, defused light to illuminate building interiors. • A technologically advanced skylight lens captures more light for use indoors from dusk until dawn and on cloudy days, regardless of the season. • A highly-reflective light well directs the sunlight into the building and ensures against undesirable gain or loss of heat. • A diffusion lens, unique to SunShine, disperses the light evenly throughout the building. • An integrated control system using photo sensors adds artificial light (internal or existing external) only as needed to maintain the desired constant light level







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